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TOMS: How to Add Meaning to the Mundane

Posted on: November 20th, 2013 by Chris Streeter No Comments

Your first objective for your company should be to have a clearly written why. Sure, all companies won't have a surefire social cause that is at the heart of their business model, but it must be clear who you are and what you stand for.

Whether you are connected to a social cause or not, there must be a problem that you are solving. For TOMS their problem is clear: help alleviate poverty and the barriers to things like education and mobility. But they also offer a solution to a different problem. A problem many face here in America- feeling so distant from the issues of the world. They offer to help solve the problem of providing meaning (and a global perspective) to the task of shopping that would seem to stand in the face of being socially conscious. They offer consumers "a different way to shop".

Online shopping is no longer just another thing you do to past the time while you watch television. Instead online shopping with TOMS can be a way to connect with a cause or a continent in addition to buying a quality product.

How can you add meaning, or simply interest, to the mundane tasks that are all around your business and the lives of those you serve?

To add even more meaning to the shopping experience with TOMS, they launched the Marketplace. Through the Marketplace, you can connect with other like-minded companies, learn more about the problems they are solving, and purchase their products. The Marketplace isn't hidden somewhere on their site or just some small part of what they do. It is front and center, right in the middle of their main website navigation. This "partnering and promoting" with like-minded companies really shows TOMS commitment to their why and developing a community of others who feel the same way.

For another example of adding meaning to the mundane, look at the The Rookie Moms blog. This blog offers their readers a guide to the first years of motherhood. Sure, they could play it straight and simply give tip after tip. Instead, they took their deep understanding of their audience, new moms, and attacked the problem of the day in and day out struggle to past the time. Through their 52 Weekly Rookie Moms challenges, they add interest and adventure to the life of new moms who are spending time with their newborn children. Why not "Grab your spy hat and a buddy and go on a recon mission"?

This can completely change your audiences' view of the task they once viewed as mundane and better yet, enhance their view of you.

Think about the mundane tasks that are a part of your audience member's everyday lives.

What can your brand do to add meaning and interest to those tasks?