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3 Businesses That Are Benefiting From Lift.Do

Posted on: October 31st, 2013 by Chris Streeter No Comments

Lift is steadily becoming the go-to place for self-improvement. It's also becoming a great way for businesses to reach out to their community members, connecting with them on a deeper, more personal level beyond their business itself. Here are 3 businesses that have benefited from using Lift.

Smart Passive

This blog created by online marketer Pat Flynn, is all about doing business online. Underlying his message of online business is a consistent theme of transparency. A message of getting to the things that really matter in life and to what really makes each of us tick. So, instead of creating a Lift Group centered on business goals and measurables, his Lift group has habits to improve you as a person, which will ultimately have a positive effect on your business. The habits for the ''Fans of Smart Passive'' Group include Read, Run, Meditate, and Random Act of Kindness.

With over 650 members, the Pat's Lift Group has seen over 6000 checkins to its habits.


The Rookie Moms Lift Group is really creative with their habits and interactions with their community. This group was developed by the creators of the Rookie Moms blog, which is a ''guide to the first years of motherhood''. As young parents they found it helpful to have planned activities, so they created the ''Rookie Mom Challenges''. Every week they challenge their rookie moms to do a unique (sometimes a little quirky) activity, like 'Become a cruise director' or 'Make a Modern Family photo'. They write about the challenges on their blog and the moms can checkin on Lift when they complete the challenge each week.

They have over 700 checkins for the weekly challenges!

Using Lift was a no-brainer for the Greatist Team. Greatist makes it their personal mission to be a quality source of health and fitness information in order to make it as easy as possible to do. It's easy to tell why using Lift was a natural fit to help their community develop better habits. Their Lift Group, ''Month of Mindfulness'', focuses on making little changes in your life so you can ''feel lighter, happier, and full of energy in no time.'' Their habits include Say No to 1 thing each day, Meditate, and Sleep by Midnight.

Their Lift Group has 800 members and over 32000 checkins.

What inspires you about these Lift Groups?